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Our Clients


C.Y. Virtual Solution  clients come from many business arenas, including the healthcare and real estate industries.  They are entreprenuers and businesses who wish to increase productivity without increasing staff.

Our current client list includes:


  • Loyalty Chain, LLC
  • Strategic Asset Management, LLC
  • Richard Lee, Ingenix
  • Just Your Type Service
  • BSG Financial, LLC
  • Accentance   
  • Team Double Click
  • MyMSVA
  • Ubiqus
  • Connecticut Secretary
  • Probiz Partners, Inc.
  • Tape to Type
  • EOffice -VirtualAssist
  • Morningside Partners, LLC
  • Connie Allen, Joy With Children  www.joywithchildren.com
  • Isabel Parlett, Parlance Training


 What our clients are saying...


"I am very pleased with your work "....."Excellent leads"..."thanks for the hard work."     

                            Doug Carpenter, Strategic Assessment Management


Thank you for all your hard work!
                            Loyalty Chain


"Looks Good"..."Appreciate the quick turnaround".

                            Patrick Chisolm, Accentance


"You Rock"...."Keep up the great work!"..."This should be  a solid opportunity that all

started with you".

                             BSG Financial


"Thanks! You are Awesome!"..."I am delighted you joined our team".

                             Connecticut Secretary


"This is GREAT!".  "I am very pleased with the results". 

                             ProBiz Partners, Inc.

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